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Hayes Specializes in Strategic Solutions for OEM Manufacturing, MRO, Machine
Shops and Contract Manufacturers.

We are a Wholesale Distributor of Aerospace, Military, Electronic, Industrial, and Marine Hardware.

We are an “A” player in a “C” item world.

Our Core Competency is in VMI- Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions via our HOT Program - Hardware on Time which brings product direct to the production floor dramatically cutting acquisition costs for our Customers.

ISO 9001:2015 registered

What is our unique selling point?
A customized –value added approach to cutting customer’s acquisition costs.  We are an “A” player in a “C” item world. We are a low risk provider!

New Products

AVK Products A-L Series

The A-L Series Insert features a knurled body and large diameter-low profile head making it ideal for use in punched or drilled holes. It offers the highest all around strength characteristics and has been designed to be used with Grade 5 or Metric 8.8/9.8 mating screws. The A-L Series is AVK's most versatile performer.

The A-L Series Insert can be installed using AVK's ARO brand pneumatic tools or AVK's SPP™ pneumatic/hydraulic tools. The A-L Series can be installed either before or after finish.

29 Piece Twister Champion Brute Platinum XL5


1/16" thru 1/2" x 64ths Drill Set

Used in a wide range of manufacturing plants, vehicle, railway and dockyard maintenance.

Low through high carbon steels, alloyed steels, steel drop forgings, grey cast iron, titanium, stainless steel, nimonic alloys, manganese, spring steels, armor plate.


Microencapsulated, epoxy based adhesive that can be pre-applied to male or female threaded fasteners.

Most sizes, materials and finishes. They contain an epoxy resin that is suspended in a hardener. This product provides predictable torque values and requires no primers or heat for curing.

Small Footprint High Capacity Storage

Smooth rotation for easy access to all parts, holds 20 individual cabinets you can mix and match, chose from 9 to 28 drawers per cabinet. 1,000 lb capacity.


Strategic Objectives:

We align daily business activity with business goals. We set measures and train employees on what is expected of them. We monitor, evaluate and reward our employees for their performance.


  • We will: leverage core competencies to improve productivity which supports growth, sustained profitability and superior customer satisfaction.
  • We will: build a healthy future for HBS and its employees


  • We Provide Quality Products through Best Practice Processes which results in exceptional levels of profitability, performance, and customer satisfaction.


  • We: Demonstrate value to our Customers.
  • We are: Attentive to our fiscal and system requirements.
  • We offer: High levels of quality in product and service. We are a low risk provider.


Industries Served

Aerospace/Defense, Alternative Energy, Communications/Electronics, OEM Manufacturing, Marine, Medical Devices, Ruggedized Electronics, Satellite/Space, Transportation, Utilities & Visual Imaging


QP 843 Information for External Providers

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